FUBAR PRESS now an official imprint of ALTERNA

a63a859f-0bed-4c4b-a79c-a51d3270aba2After many years of affiliation with Alterna Comics, I’m very pleased to announce FUBAR PRESS is now an official imprint of Alterna Comics.

Below is the official press release from Alterna:

“We are excited to announce that Jeff McComsey’s ‘FUBAR PRESS‘ has joined forces with Alterna Comics as an official imprint.  FUBAR PRESS will follow in the creator-owned mentality that Alterna is known for and will be headed by President and Publisher Jeff McComsey, Art Director Steve Becker, and Story Editor Jeff McClelland.  The imprint will operate under the Alterna Comics banner as it always has but will have their own submissions, story ideas, and creative teams centering around a mash-up of historical-horror fiction.

Branching out with the MOTHER RUSSIA mini-series by Jeff McComsey (debuting issue #1 in stores today), the brand is set to build on the unique story-telling and phenomenal artwork that readers have been enjoying since 2010. McComsey speaks about his experience with Alterna and the future of FUBAR“I’ve worked with Alterna Comics on just about everything I have published since I started making comics in 2007. From my first series, AMERICAN TERROR to when Steve Becker and I published volume one of FUBAR five years ago, Peter Simeti has been a publisher I can count on. I’m very proud to finally make FUBAR PRESS an official imprint of Alterna. While we’ll continue to publish FUBAR PRESS books on all platforms available, we will be focusing a large portion of our time and resources on engaging retailers and showing them why we deserve a spot on the shelf in 2015.”

For more information on ALTERNA and FUBAR PRESS titles, please visit http://www.alternacomics.com

This is going to be a big year for FUBAR with a lot of releases and some fun announcements later on so stay tuned!

FUBAR FCBD Extravaganza!

12 states, 2 provinces, 3 countries, 26 shops, 37,000 books, and all on 1 DAY! Join the intrepid creators and contributors of FUBARpress as we kick off the largest Free Comic Book Day signing ever. Stop by your local shop and snag a copy of FUBAR: Free Comic Book Day and FUBAR: American History Z which will be available in all its 432 page glory for the first time ever.

FUBAR: American History Z

FUBAR: AMERICAN HISTORY Z: The 43 short stories of this zombie smashing epic span the entire American experience from the discovery of the new world to the modern battlefields of the middle east.  432 pages of this country’s most infamous and famous  events brought to you by over 60 small press creators.

All copies ordered from this site come with front page sketches by a member of FUBAR CENTRAL COMMAND.

For a quick preview, CLICK HERE!


FUBAR Central Command is beyond proud to be featured in Kickstarter’s year in review. We got a mention for being the first ever Kickstarter funded graphic novel to hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list. We’re beyond proud to use a platform like Kickstarter to fund our projects. After reviewing the whole slide show of Kickstarter’s successes of 2012 I think it’s clear that the site and model aren’t going anywhere AND that they do amazing work and provide an incredible service by allowing independent projects to finance their dreams. Truly inspiring.

This morning NPR’s blog featured the list of projects mentioned in the KS slideshow. Once again we were humbled to see that FUBAR is at the top of the list of featured success stories.

I can’t help but think that our new volume FUBAR: American History Z is going to great things when it’s released in Spring 2013!


Hey gang,

our newest volume FUBAR American History Z is just about in the can. We’ve taken the project to kickstarter to help raise funds for printing a ton of books in very early 2013. This volume is massive, clocking in at 32 stories, 326 pages. We’ve expanded from just World War II to now include the entire American Experience. The book is chronological and will be available in March/May 2013. IF you want to get your hands on it sooner along with some other awesome FUBAR merch, shoot over tour KICKSTARTER and help us fund the printing of this monster!