FUBAR: American History Z

FUBAR: AMERICAN HISTORY Z: The 43 short stories of this zombie smashing epic span the entire American experience from the discovery of the new world to the modern battlefields of the middle east.  432 pages of this country’s most infamous and famous  events brought to you by over 60 small press creators.

All copies ordered from this site come with front page sketches by a member of FUBAR CENTRAL COMMAND.

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FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead

FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead: The 27 short stories of this zombie Kamikaze smashing epic span the entire Pacific theater from the harbors of Hawaii to the streets of Tokyo as the allies once again come face to face with the walking dead. 274 pages, black and white. Mature reader.

 Below you can order a book with or without a Custom WW II zombie sketch on the front page. If you select custom sketch there will be a field on the payment form where you enter which WW II historical(Hitler, Churchill) or generic(paratrooper, SS officer) sketch you’d like.

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FUBAR: Winter Special

There are only a handful of these left in print so be sure to grab a copy while you can!

This 32 page issue starts with KINDERN:  German infantry assault a fortified Russian position during the siege of Stalingrad and follows that to the Factories of the USA filled with 4-fs and women left behind by the war, only to find themselves on the front lines of a new war in OLD GHOSTS. 32 pages of indie pulp fiction.. 5 stories. 32 pages of indie pulp fiction.

FUBAR: The Devil’s Dance Floor (rare/out of print)

This standalone 32 page issue follows theWW II adventures of the British SAS in North Africa as they go face to rotting face with zombie Rommel’s unstoppable undead juggernaut Afrika Korps. There is limited stock left, so scoop one up while you can. Each issue comes signed by interior artist and FUBAR co creator: Jeff McComsey