Not a week goes by without some blogger or online reviewer waxing on about the “death of the zombie genre”. Trust me, I know. It’s been said in the context of my own book many a time.

The genre is oversaturated.

Zombies are played out.

Do we really need another zombie book?

Here’s the thing. Regardless of what reviewers, armchair reviewers, bloggers, or anonymous forum trolls may say, zombies ain’t goin’ anywhere. Why? Because people love them. They’re terrifying and repulsive and representative of everything we, as a society, fear. They can be used for social commentary, for gore fodder, for the nameless, faceless fear lurking in the back of all of our minds, for tongue-in-cheek comedy… you name it. The genre is as versatile as the word ‘fuck’ – another thing I know a thing or two about.

And they’re precisely why you’re holding this book right now. Zombies tend to bring out the best in both writers and artists. They’re a chance (pardon the pun) for us to really sink our teeth into something fun. So, in a sense, I’m preaching to the choir here. If you’re reading this, then you’re already a fan of the zombie genre. You already roll your eyes, just like I do, when the nay-sayers start banging their lonely drums about the death of zombie genre. You’re already invested.

Well let me tell you something, friend – you’re in for a real treat with this book. Jeff McComsey has assembled a group of true zombie lovers to bring you this collection. Everyone that has worked on this book (*cough –including me-cough*) tore into it with the passion and vigor that only the zombie genre can allow. There are stories in here that will (hopefully) make you think, make you cringe, make you laugh, and make you turn back to the first page and read it all over again.

Is there a better setting for zombie drama than World War II? I don’t think so. The ‘Greatest Generation’ pitted against the most vile of threats – Nazis – and then you throw in zombies? Gold. Pure, blood soaked, intestine wrapped, brain exposed gold.

So for you reviewers and bloggers and anonymous forum trolls who are simply looking to dismiss another zombie book in the over saturated zombie market, I challenge you to take a step back from your soapbox, look at the popularity of the genre, show a little respect for the artists and writers working in it, show even more respect for the people plopping down their hard earned money on it, and have a little fun. Unlike the zombies themselves, it ain’t gonna kill ya.

As for me, I’m gonna go back to working on this dead genre that somehow continues to sell more and more books. Of course, that’s after I read through this one a few more times…

Stephen Lindsay

June 7, 2010