In addition to FUBAR books, we also sell Zombie Combat targets illustrated by Mr. Steve Becker. When ever we sell these at cons we always encourage the buyer(if they intend to shoot it) to send us pics of the aftermath. This section is to showcase those pics sent in by  FUBAR fans with firearms. These targets can be purchased HERE or you can drop by the booth at any of our signings and con appearances.

I figured I’d start this off myself. An impromptu shooting day almost had me forget to bring along a few targets, but luckily I had two buried in my trunk.

My first shot glanced off Jerry’s helmet but the second one caught him right between the eyes.

For our second submitter we have SGT. Alexander Platz NJ ARNG.

Nice groupings at 150 yards has me hoping we never go to war against New Jersey!

Nice Shooting SGT. Platz, keep them coming.