Beyond excited to share with you the variant cover to Ben & Tim Truman’s HAWKEN #6. Tim asked FUBAR Central Command to put something together for the variant of Hawken #6. Needless to say after we flipped our lids we knuckled down and came up with the pic above.  Pencils by Dominic “Yeah Boy” Vivona. Inks by Steve “No Bigs” Becker. Colors by Jeff “El Jefe” McComsey. We were all honored to contribute to such a fine publication as HAWKEN. A super natural western about a twisted old gunslinger out to introduce a few former colleagues to the business end of his Navy Colts, HAWKEN is available at comic shops all across the country.

FUBAR: EotRD lands on the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS LIST for Graphic Novels!

Thanks to the numerous signings and the pre-orders of FUBAR Empire of the Rising Dead lands on the NEW YORK TIMES Graphic Novels list for the week ending on January 14th, which was the week the book debuted in bookstores and comic shops all across the country. For an Independent/Small-Press book like FUBAR to end up on the NYT’s list is an amazing honor and speaks to the hard work done by all the creative teams involved. What makes this an even sweeter victory is that FUBAR: EotRD is the first project funded through Kickstarter to land on the NEW YORK TIMES Best Sellers List!

FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead

FUBAR: Empire of the Rising Dead: The 27 short stories of this zombie Kamikaze smashing epic span the entire Pacific theater from the harbors of Hawaii to the streets of Tokyo as the allies once again come face to face with the walking dead. 274 pages, black and white. Mature reader.

 Below you can order a book with or without a Custom WW II zombie sketch on the front page. If you select custom sketch there will be a field on the payment form where you enter which WW II historical(Hitler, Churchill) or generic(paratrooper, SS officer) sketch you’d like.

For a quick preview, CLICK HERE!

FUBAR: Winter Special

There are only a handful of these left in print so be sure to grab a copy while you can!

This 32 page issue starts with KINDERN:  German infantry assault a fortified Russian position during the siege of Stalingrad and follows that to the Factories of the USA filled with 4-fs and women left behind by the war, only to find themselves on the front lines of a new war in OLD GHOSTS. 32 pages of indie pulp fiction.. 5 stories. 32 pages of indie pulp fiction.