FUBAR: EotRD lands on the NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS LIST for Graphic Novels!

Thanks to the numerous signings and the pre-orders of FUBAR Empire of the Rising Dead lands on the NEW YORK TIMES Graphic Novels list for the week ending on January 14th, which was the week the book debuted in bookstores and comic shops all across the country. For an Independent/Small-Press book like FUBAR to end up on the NYT’s list is an amazing honor and speaks to the hard work done by all the creative teams involved. What makes this an even sweeter victory is that FUBAR: EotRD is the first project funded through Kickstarter to land on the NEW YORK TIMES Best Sellers List!


“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself—and zombies.”

FUBAR Central Command is proud to announce it’s partnership with Devil’s Due Digital to release FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned through a number of digital outlets.

The Apple App Store has experienced an influx of zombie war comics as Devil’s Due Digital releases their new FUBAR app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The FREE app serves as a comic reader for each of the downloadable issues—each only $0.99!

FUBAR is available on the Android Marketplace and Amazon App Store—each stand-alone issue is available as an app for still only $0.99 per issue!

FUBAR II: Empire of the Rising Dead


The second installment of our World War II Zombie anthology is off to the printers. We’ve shifted the locale for this volume from the European theater to the Pacific theater of World War II. This volume contains 20 short comics by 33 Small-Press Commandos. A limited ” fundraiser” run will debut at the Baltimore Comic Con this August. If you can’t make to Baltimore this year, we’ll have another chance for you to snap up one of the limited first pressings of volume 2, so stay tuned. This cover was illustrated by our go to cover man, the one and only Danilo Beyruth.


Jeff McClelland shot me this FUBAR 1 pager this morning. I absolutely love it and will be running it as a back up in  FUBAR.

In addition to writing this short, Jeff is also  the writer of TEDDY AND THE YETI and a stand up dude I recently met and fought at the Pittsburgh comic con.

Illustrating this kick ass short is an Argentinian artist named Leonardo Lopez. Go look at his blog because his stuff is awesome!

Thanks guys!

Jeff McComsey


Today is the birthday of world renowned Belgian Artist Herge, who created books like Tintin. I only mention this because today I’m sharing a page from FUBAR’s very own resident Anti-Herge. This is a page from a short titled:  Severed, by the mad Belgian artist Rob Croonenborghs, who writer  Kyle Kaczmarczyk decribes thusly “Rob’s art is a shot of Guy Davis (B.P.R.D.), a shot of Rob Guillory (Chew), with a dash of Bill Wray (Ren & Stimpy)!  So in short, I love his shit”

I couldn’t agree more.

-Jeff McComsey