Beyond excited to share with you the variant cover to Ben & Tim Truman’s HAWKEN #6. Tim asked FUBAR Central Command to put something together for the variant of Hawken #6. Needless to say after we flipped our lids we knuckled down and came up with the pic above.  Pencils by Dominic “Yeah Boy” Vivona. Inks by Steve “No Bigs” Becker. Colors by Jeff “El Jefe” McComsey. We were all honored to contribute to such a fine publication as HAWKEN. A super natural western about a twisted old gunslinger out to introduce a few former colleagues to the business end of his Navy Colts, HAWKEN is available at comic shops all across the country.


Today is the birthday of world renowned Belgian Artist Herge, who created books like Tintin. I only mention this because today I’m sharing a page from FUBAR’s very own resident Anti-Herge. This is a page from a short titled:  Severed, by the mad Belgian artist Rob Croonenborghs, who writer  Kyle Kaczmarczyk decribes thusly “Rob’s art is a shot of Guy Davis (B.P.R.D.), a shot of Rob Guillory (Chew), with a dash of Bill Wray (Ren & Stimpy)!  So in short, I love his shit”

I couldn’t agree more.

-Jeff McComsey